2021 Kids MTB Events & Skills Clinics 

Suzuki Like2Bike Kids Event #5
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We have been chomping at the bit to share our BRAND NEW VENUE with you for the Suzuki Like2Bike Kids Event #5 on 7 November... and here it is.... Prime View!

Prime View is an adventure and leisure venue which has MTB trails, walking and running routes and water activities including an aqua park, pedal boats, slides and pools. The Grande View restaurant will satisfy those hungry tummies after an awesome active morning.

Join us for event # 5 in the Suzuki Like2Bike series and make a day of it!


The Virtual Vooma event will run in conjunction with Event #5 for the week from Sunday to Sunday 

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Join in the fun with your families and friends completing in the Ronald Lamola Leeuwkop MTB Challenge  on the 28 November at the Leeuwkop Golf Club. Challenge yourself, challenge a friend and enjoy a day out with exceptional trails, a great vibe and wonderful cause: Raising funds for bicycles for underprivileged children.

30km MTB

10km MTB

5km MTB

5km Trail Run

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Join in a fun-filled energetic event at this fantastic venue and create memories for years to come. A family fun MTB and Duathlon series for kids of all ages.


The Virtual Vooma event will run in conjunction with Event #6 for the week from Sunday to Sunday 

Suzuki Like2Bike Kids Event #6


Like2Bike, an active and fun events company that specialises in promoting and organising kids cycling and duathlon events for the whole family, as well as children-specific MTB skills clinic.

Enjoy the family fun MTB distances:

2km MTB

5km MTB

10km MTB

Race distances (kids go it alone):

10km MTB 

15km MTB

25km* MTB

Family fun Duathlon distances:

Power: 2km run, 10km MTB, 1km Run

Mid: 1km run, 5km MTB, 500m RunLite: 500m run, 2km MTB, 250m Run


XCO is the Olympic discipline of cross-country racing. It consists of lap racing, where riders, depending on their age category are required to complete a certain number of laps of a course which is usually between 4-10km’s in length. 

Suzuki, and Like2Bike want to introduce more children to the exciting discipline of XCO, whilst at the same time improving and furthering their technical abilities. This ‘Introduction to XCO series’, consisting of 3 events, will be at a level where most kids will feel comfortable and encouraged to become more proficient riders.


Annual family fun 2 day stage race:


Meneer: Day 1: 40km, Day 2: 20km Total: 60km MTB

Vasbyt: Day 1: 25km, Day 2: 15km Total: 40km MTB

Eina: Day 1: 15km, Day 2: 10km Total: 25km MTB

Pikkewyn: Day 1: 10km, Day 2: 5km Total: 15km MTB