Skills Clinics/Functions/Parties & Events 

In agreeing to the terms, conditions and indemnity of this form, I confirm that I understand and appreciate that by adding children, bicycles and a competitive event together and mixing them up there is a chance that my child may crash or have an accident that could result in physical injury as well as damage to property.


For example, protective headgear and gloves are designed to absorb damage to protect your child and will need to be replaced after a crash. Life is all about risk and the only thing that we can all do is try to manage the risk.


Knowing that cycling is not risk free and could be considered dangerous in the event of a crash or accident and understanding that my child may be injured or that his/her bicycle or other property may become damaged; I confirm that my child(s) participation is my choice and that he/she takes part at my sole and absolute risk.


By entering my child(ren) into this event I waive and abandon any or all claim of whatsoever nature that may arise, from such participation, against the organiser and/or any members, agents, representatives or sponsors acting on their behalf or otherwise, whether such a claim arises from the default, negligence or any other act or omission on the part of the people above.


I have read the rules and conditions of entry and acknowledge that the event is conducted in terms of the event organisers regulations, which I agree to and abide by and will ensure that my child(ren) are also aware of the rules and regulations and that they too will be encouraged to follow them to the best of their ability. I agree that the rules and regulations will take precedence over my child’s understanding or perception.  


Like2Bike reserves the right to utilise pictures for marketing purposes. Should you not want your child’s image to be used. Please let us know prior to the session.