Benefits of Balance Bikes

Learning to balance is an important skill, and is the first step in a process of learning how to ride a bike. Because a LIKEaBIKE has no pedals, it helps your child learn to ride a bike that does. Pedaling distracts them in the fist phase of learning to ride when they need to concentrate on from balancing and steering. Pedaling is a skill they will learn when they eventually ride on their own.

LIKEaBIKE balance bike teaches balance and control at a much earlier age than a traditional bicycle with training wheels. Children acquire a sense of equilibrium and they play and the transition to a pedal bike becomes a lot easier and more natural.

That first taste of independence is something that they'll never forget. It is the start of a journey where they learn about:

  • co-ordination

  • balance

  • agility and

  • the world around them

LIKEaBIKE is designed and manufactured by Kokua Holzspielzeug GmbH in Roetgen, Germany. Kokua, a Hawaiian word meaning "harmony", is a family owned business run by Rolf, Alfred and Beate Mertens.

LIKEaBIKE are so well made that Kokua provides a two-year guarantee against defects - amazing for a wooden product designed for children.

Check out our amazing range of balance bikes:

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