Rugani Juice – Pioneering the next health revolution!

Using a world-first extraction process, Rugani Juice transforms freshly harvested vegetables and fruit into nutrient-dense juice and seals away the freshness in a long-life pack - all within one day!

Fresh produce & the world-first process

At the time of harvest, every good farmer ends up with a certain percentage of the crop that is not aesthetically pleasing enough to sell, but still perfectly nutritious.

As farmers and the leaders in carrot agriculture in SA, Rugani took it upon themselves to solve this problem and innovate in the agro-processing space, which means the juice is processed close to where the fresh produce is grown. This allows Rugani Juice to receive an ongoing supply of the freshest veggies all year round and it also makes the produce fully traceable.

The innovative Rugani juicing process ruptures 95% of plant cells (compared to about 50% in a good home juicer), making the full nutritional benefits of any veggie or fruit more bio-available to your body. The makes Rugani Juice a nutritionally superior product, a true nutraceutical (food that heals), and one of the richest sources of beta-carotene on the South African market to date.

The unique agro-processing setup, allows the fresh produce to be harvested in the morning, immediately transferred to the root extraction facility, bottled and sealed on the same day!

“We wanted to make nutraceuticals accessible and convenient to all. What once seemed an insurmountable task for a family of farmers is now a reality. From working with leading veggie extract pioneers, to getting each component of our extraction technology custom built, the path of innovation is never easy, but always rewarding,” - Vito Rugani, co-owner of Greenway Farms, about developing the technology needed to make this nutritionally superior, and affordable, product."

How does the juice achieve a 12-month shelf-life?

The answer is simple, a world-first production process. The unique process captures that remarkable freshness in aseptic, long-life packaging which acts as a time-capsule. As a result, the juice can be stored, unopened and at ambient temperature, for 12 months with no preservatives. This makes consuming health beverages more convenient than ever before.

What else makes Rugani 100% Juice special?

Preservative Free

No substances or chemicals are added to maintain the shelf life of the juice, long-life aseptic packaging is used to keep the juice fresh. Only once opened, it should be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days.

Not from Concentrate/No added water

Rugani Juice is made from fresh produce. It is not diluted with water or reconstituted from any concentrates.

No Added Sugar

No sugar is added for taste, only natural sugars are present from the fruit and vegetables.

Free from Artificial Colourants

Most of the veggies used in Rugani’s juice, naturally contain strong pigments and because it is sealed in an aseptic pack with no oxygen, the juice maintains its freshness and natural vibrant colour.

It is also naturally gluten-free, naturally dairy-free and vegan friendly.

Why not juice fresh produce at home?

The world-first process combined with unparalleled freshness means that Rugani juices are fresher than juicing your own at home, as the fresh produce you would usually buy from the store is often already a few days or weeks old.

Where can I buy the juice?

The whole Rugani Juice range is available in an on-the-go 330ml and a family size 750ml at Food Lovers Market stores and Dis-Chem Pharmacies nationwide, as well as selected Spar, Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay and other independent retailers. The entire range is also available in cases of 10 on the Rugani Online Shop.

The range 11 variants consist of:

· Rugani 100% Carrot Juice

· Rugani 100% Ginger infused Carrot Juice

· Rugani 100% Turmeric infused Carrot Juice

· Rugani 100% Zobo (Hibiscus) infused Beetroot Juice

· Rugani 100% Beetroot Juice Blend

· Rugani 100% Carrot & Pineapple

· Rugani 100% Pineapple

· Rugani 100% Cloudy Apple Juice

· Rugani 100% Green Juice (Cucumber, Celery, Ginger, Pineapple, Moringa)

· Rugani 100% ABC Juice (45% Apple, 5% Beetroot & 50% Carrot)

· ZZ2 100% Romanita Tomato Juice


Rugani Juice transforms “not-so-perfect” fresh produce, that could have ended up as waste further down the value chain, into a highly bio-available nutraceutical that’s accessible and affordable. The fresh produce is juiced a few hours after harvesting and captures the valuable, and usually difficult-to-access, nutrients. The health benefits of 100% Rugani Juice makes it a natural healthy lifestyle choice.

Enjoy the rejuvenating freshness!

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