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The LIKEaBIKE Jumper is designed by Kokua and made by specialist manufacturers Dahon. The high spec design is unequalled by any other children’s bike on the market.


By using aluminium, each part of the Jumper is made with the lowest weight and the highest level of functionality. The high quality rear suspension improves handling and comfort.


The Jumper frame and fork are manufactured using high grade 7005 aluminium. For added rider comfort there is a padded leather saddle, embroidered with the Kokua logo .


An added safety feature is a unique steering limiter which prevents jack-knifing. This can be easily removed for more advanced riders.


Seat height can be quickly adjusted using the bike’s quick-release mechanism. The Jumper is supplied with two seatposts. The short seatpost offers a range of 35cm to 38cm. The long seatpost ranges from 41cm to 45cm.


Much thought has gone into the Tyres. They are Schwalbe Big Apple tyres, which have puncture protection and a reflective trim.


  • Weight: 3.4 kgs
  • The Jumper is suitable for riders from 2-6 years old. Riders need to have a minimum inside leg measurement of 35cm.
  • The Frame and forks are manufactured using high grade 7005 Aluminium.
  • Alloy wheels and hubs with sealed cartridge bearings
  • Built-in Footrests
  • Rear suspension
  • Steering damper to prevent jack knifing that is removable to suit rider ability
  • 12" Schwalbe big apple tyres with puncture protection and a reflective trim
  • Comfortable padded seat embroidered with the Kokua logo
  • Light weight ahead stem, you don't often find kit like this on childrens bikes!
  • 8 colour options

Kokua Jumper Balance Bikes

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